If you are a creative and analytical type of person, you might want to pursue a career in internet marketing, or if you are on that path and you are looking to pivot, we have some soft and hard skills you might want to learn to get you moving forward.

Problem-solving skills

People with creative problem-solving skills will thrive in this business because we all know that there are always new things that will pop-up. It’s like, you are learning specific software today, and the next day you will be helping the creative team develop a new digital marketing campaign. If you like being curious and know a lot about social media and creating content as well as you support your actions with raw data, you will be very successful being a digital marketing consultant.

Teamwork and communication

Most people who succeed in this business, active team managers and employees, don’t necessarily have the best set of skills. But because they can work well with their co-workers, even though they have different backgrounds, they became effective in what they do. Communication and coordination are essential, especially when your team is working on significant projects. Being a “jack-of-all-trades, master of none” type of person is very helpful when communicating with your co-employees.  You have to make sure you communicate clear and consistent, whether you are on the top of the corporate ladder or at the bottom of the totem pole.  In the marketing world, no one works alone. Everyone needs help even if you’re doing freelance work.  Working on your teamwork will be beneficial not only to you but also to the people around you.


Digital marketing is a unique field with little opportunity to learn, but at the same time, you also need to learn for you to grow. The good news is, in today’s world where you can find almost everything on the internet, even learning materials, it is very easy to develop digital marketing skills. You can do research, online courses, do side jobs, or doing volunteer work. There are many ways to learn marketing skills. But, just like any profession, you should be willing to continue learning. There are things that you don’t know. You need to teach yourself new skills to keep up with the fast-changing digital world.

Social media marketing

Social media advertising is one of the fast-rising areas in digital marketing. This trend is not going to go away anytime soon; in fact, it will just keep on improving as time goes by. If we’re talking about social media advertising, we’re not just talking about Facebook or Twitter campaigns. Most companies are looking for people who have tons of experience in effective ad campaigns. They will also look for people who know about paid social media marketing.  Because of the complexity of social media, it is not enough to like a page to market it. You need to be creative and innovative when doing an ad campaign for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or whatever platform your target market is using. This strategy will be a critical framework of internet marketing because it is low-cost and simple.

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Internet marketing managers

If you are aiming for a managerial position, you need to have a stable business and leadership skills. You have been a great communicator, facilitator and a good motivator of people under you. You should know what it takes to make a successful relationship with your co-workers, partners and most importantly your clients. People who are seeking management and leadership position should have a good command of business strategy. They should be able to set a perfect and clear goal as well as work efficiently.  They should be involved in business activities like using analytics to do the forecast. Companies need their managers and leaders to be a jack-of-all-trades and have a strong knowledge of digital management.

Content Strategy and Management

Creating and marketing content is significant in this digital age. The ability to create a story is essential, and we’re not talking about just being a copywriter. It should be personalized, accurate and should target the B2B and the B2C realms. Production of audio and video content, social media, illustration, infographics and white paper, companies will be looking for people who know and understand how to do this kind of things and how they work. They should also know how to get it to their target market.


Digital marketing is not only about making contents or making a website. To know what the business is all about, you have to understand what is going on with your sites Search Engine Optimization and all its metrics for the company to survive. A good internet marketer will know what this means and know how to communicate with their analytics team if they have little to no knowledge about it. It means, they should know the basics of Google Keywords and Google Analytics and how they can help with their business. Being good at analyzing is not about crunching data and making reports. It is more about creatively using the data and informs your target market about your strategy. A great analyst will be able to take advantage of their problem-solving skills to do these things. The hiring managers will notice people with an excellent understanding of how metrics work and incorporate them into their business plan. It is not a simple budget and forecasting that we do in the old days. The digital world has become very complicated and vital to the survivability and success of every business. People working in this field should know how to take advantage of the numbers to help their client’s business grow.

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I.T Skills

Digital marketing heavily relies on the marketer’s the knowledge of the Internet. It means that people with Information Technology skills, computer degrees and people with analytic data knowledge will be highly in demand. It is always important to have a person who is knowledgeable about how the Internet works.


Digital marketing has so many job openings; people will have no problem landing a job that fits them. The only problem is, you need to know where to start. If you are the type of person who is naturally curious with excellent marketing skills, a forward-thinker and willing to learn, you will be a good fit in the digital world.

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