New Mission Plan for Openpaducah

Paducah’s Linux User Group, has undergone massive reconstruction and a mild reformant as the new WKBSD/PLUG group.

After the PLUG split from the vast majority of Murry based users, Many changes have taken place. One, this wonderful site of course :), and another, a very important feature…It’s user-base. As before there was primarily* Linux Users and not so many BSD users. Now that the user-base has changed and that some others have joined the learning/life enhancing experience of our meetings, we now also have a vast majority of BSD users which make our new name more custom to what we really are. Unlike previous sessions as the PLUG, where Linux was of primary content, now there has been more BSD content added. Both have began and continue to coincide peacefully next to each other in the world of GNU and the GPL in the one and only local Books-A-Million meetings hosted by the WKBSD/PLUG members.


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