With so much information available on the internet today, access to this information from any location is becoming increasingly important. In many cases, you have to be in a certain country to gain access to a website in that country or some countries block certain websites completely. This is why a good VPN can extend your reach on the internet.

A VPN allows you to change the location of your IP address, making it seem like you are in a different country. With that come all the benefits of connecting to the internet in that country.

A recommended VPN is Zenmate and it has some user-friendly browser extensions that can get you started. You can easily download Zenmate for Chrome or Zenmate for Firefox.

Zenmate VPN was founded in Germany in 2014 and is still relatively new to the market, but they offer some good value for money services that definitely make them worth a consideration. 40 Million users worldwide have already reached the same conclusion and moved over to Zenmate. These users rate Zenmate on an average of 9/10.

The company prides itself on its ability to offer a service that is efficient and easy to use, as well as safe and secure. It keeps your information anonymous so that anyone cannot find out who you are and more importantly where you are.

All of these services do not come for free, as it is with most good products. They do however have different options available so you are able to choose the one that best suits your needs and your wallet. There is also a free trial version so you can test it out a bit before upgrading to the paid version. The paid version does offer you good value for money compared to the competitors’ products.

When it comes to the actual operation of the software things are pretty easy and it does not require a lot of skill or previous knowledge. You simply register and choose the package you want, and download it on the operating system of your choosing like Mac or Windows, or one of the browser extensions. After the download, you simply log in and start choosing the server you want to connect to. It will then safely tunnel your browsing through that location giving you all the access that goes with it.

As far as the pricing goes you have a few options to choose from. Among these options is a monthly subscription of $11.95, a yearly subscription at $7.49 per month or a 6-month subscription at $9.15 per month. All of these options offer the same services and have the same security guarantee. If that is too much for you to get started with you can opt for the free trial to see how things work before committing financially.

Overall users are very happy with Zenmate and they report high-speed connections, a wide selection of countries, a native app for iPhone and Android as well as P2P and BitTorrent allowed, with no logs.

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