Sometimes some businesses or individuals have a sudden need to build a website to showcase their services or products online. Other times a new business idea may come to light and in order to give people more information or a place to connect with your business, the person(s) running the business will need to design a website. Sometimes the quickest and the most affordable way to do this is via a website builder.

Lodgify Websites for Vacation Rentals

In some cases using a website builder specific to your industry is the only real option. This is the case with vacation rental website design from a company called Lodgify. Their website builders are specifically designed to help people that have a property or multiple properties that they want to rent out to vacationers. The system is easy to use – even people with no web design experience can utilize the user-friendly platform to build a stunning looking Lodgify website that is fully mobile responsive.

It also comes with all the thrills and spills that anyone would need to run a vacation rental. Listing area, booking system that takes smooth payments, calendar system that syncs with other calendars, central management system so you can manage property listings on other websites (channel manager), and lot’s of other tools that anyone running a vacation rental property or bed and breakfast would need to smoothly manage their operations.

As an added bonus to having a fully functional vacation rental website that is responsive, Lodgify has an online chat support function with customer service personnel available around the clock.

See the Lodgify website offering here

Shopify For eCommerce Stores

Most people have already heard about Shopify because e-commerce is so popular. It seems today everyone has something that you want to sell online. And why not, selling online is one of the most convenient ways to run a side business.

Shopify is the perfect e-commerce store to begin the selling journey online. It is incredibly easy to use and gives you exactly what you need to sell products. The presentation can be a little tricky because you need to make sure all your images are exactly the same size and the titles and descriptions are all the same length so none of the products make the web page look out of place.

One of the nice things about Shopify is that it is also perfect for mobile visitors, so you have a fully responsive e-commerce site without having to break the bank for a designer. Plus, their support team is awesome.

See the Shopify website offering here

Weebly For Bloggers and Adsense Marketers

Lastly, this one was a toss-up between Weebly and Tumblr. However, in the end, we felt that Weebly offers the most functionalities to run a blog in which you can also make money from your visitors by pointing them in the right direction.

You don’t need any website design experience to get used to the Weebly site. In fact, it takes very little time at all. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and Weebly also offers some of their own. You can insert author names, dates, pages on the website for further information and pretty much you can do all the things you would expect to be able to do when designing a website, which is something that Tumblr does not offer.

That said, if you want a simple blog and you are not interested in making money, then Tumblr may be the right choice for you.

See the Weebly website offering here

And there you have it. Three types of websites that will help you create a web presence for your business idea or blog in less than a day. Although you will want to spend more than a day touching up the site, adding information, getting images correctly optimized, you can at least have a skeleton mobile and desktop friendly site up that looks reasonably good in a short space of time.

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