If you have ever needed to access a server outside of the country you are situated or if you are looking to surf the net in complete privacy, then VPN software can help you.

Have you ever wondered who is looking at your web browsing activities? Well for a start your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can monitor everything website you visit. This is because you are basically using their router provided to you or your router is using their servers to connect to the internet. Many of these ISPs are required by law to record all activity that passes through their service.

This means that all your surfing activity is held on the ISP that you use. Now that is not a problem if you are not worried about the sites that you are visiting. However, for some people, it is the fact that their basic right to privacy is being breached here.

The only way around this is to install a VPN on your device a.k.a. VPN Dienst. Once you have a VPN installed, log on and it will auto connect to a safe and secure VPN server. Your home IP address will not be masked. You will now be using the IP address of the VPN server to surf the internet. As a result, none of the sessions you create with applications or websites will be coming from your home router.

In fact, to your ISP, your home router will be looking very quiet on the web surfing front. This is because of the VPN software creating a virtual private tunnel that is encrypted directly to the VPN server you have selected. WelcherVPN anbieter? – It is a way to privately connect to the internet without any downloading activity or streaming activity being linked directly to your IP address.

Using a VPN basically means that you will be untraceable.