There are several ways of how to boost WiFi signal. A few of the ways are including using WiFi extender and internet booster for a best WiFi range extender. What about the rest?

Keep Your Router Updated

Did you know that individuals and business have to spend billions due to the growing number of big-scale attacks of malware every year? Several of these attacks would not happen if all routers were updated regularly. When a malware affects a router, the bandwidth can be stolen and spread itself to all network and probably to other devices too. But the performance of an old firmware usually is much worse than updated routers even there is no dangerous and malicious malware. By keeping your router as internet booster updated, you can boost the internet booster using WiFi network extender.

Choose a Great Place for the Router

Not every place is suitable to put your router on. To begin with, you should know that you can’t put your router near to metal appliances and objects which emit the waves of electromagnetic. In an ideal way, you need to keep your router from electric wires. You should put your WiFi network extender or router in the center in order to cover an area with an even signal of WiFi. You can boost slightly your signal of wireless by bumping up the router above the level’s floor.

Cut Off the Leeches WiFi

Nowadays, you must have a password-protected, encrypted WiFi. Due to a lot of people relying on WiFi than before, the hunger for fast, open networks of WiFi is real. Never thinks that people in your neighborhood will not use your network of WiFi just because you think they have their own. But you never know that they probably use the best WiFi range extender to be connected to your WiFi network. That’s why it is important to encrypt your WiFi by having a strong password that people can’t guess it easily. You can create a different WiFi network for your guests at home with a guest network. You can either protect it with another password and change it regularly or limit the range significantly.

Have a WiFi Extender/Booster/Repeater

Even though there are many names for internet booster, WiFi network extenders, repeaters, and boosters are actually the same thing and they can help you with how to boost WiFi signal. To sum up, with, they take your signal of Wifi, then amplify it, and transfer it again. The best WiFi range extender usually costs more than $150 and anyone can install it only in a few minutes. The process of installation mostly involves the WPS button’s press. Some of the internet boosters are built to work with a certain app of WiFi booster which makes it easier for specific WiFi settings to be fined-tune in order to reach the excellent possible performance.

So, those are the ways of how to boost WiFi signal. Even you already have the best WiFi range extender but you put in the wrong place, you will still not catch a good WiFi signal. Before you buy one, it is better to do your research about WiFi extender reviews.