Many of you may have encountered several luxurious platforms where the standards have merely been up to your expectations or worse, they have been contradictory to their services in every aspect of the experience that you were a part of. But, with our platform, you need not worry about such daunting circumstances for we have the system to make our customers live the comfortable life they wish to be a part of at our hotel.

Having eth privilege to ownership, RitzCarlton Residence in Kuala Lumpur offers you the chance to embrace your own sort of living by acquainting yourself to a residence that will have all the basic needs to cater to your luxurious wishes every day. You can avail this chance by giving a thought to the services we have to offer to you.


レジデンス (Residence) Available for Limited Time

When you step inside the レジデンス (Residence), you will be encountered with a professional valet service that will drop you off near the prime location and will escort our respective vehicle to a safe spot in the parking area of eth building that is secure and designed for the accumulation of all vehicles. Stepping inside the マレーシアレジデンス (Malaysia Residence), you will be envisioned with a grand, exquisite lobby that is available to cater to your services 24 hours a day accompanied with an amazing staff that is cooperative and reliable to your wishes.

Privileges while being a resident and after having booked your room includes a bunch of diverse services that will be of the utmost luxurious standards that you might not have to expect in the beginning. With CCTV surveillance and card access system to the lobby, we have formulated a secure place for all the ladies and gentlemen that have decided to reside with us.

There is ready access to wifi and broadband both in order to assure our clients of the luxurious services that will be a part of. They will face no issue in connecting to the outside world through their phones r in accessing the connective medium that is incorporated within the whole building. There is a video intercom system installed while smart TVs are a part of the residential area that the clients will choose for themselves in their booking.


Fully Equipped レジデンス (Residence)

Our residential areas are equipped with the exquisite furniture, marbled layers of tiling, designer wardrobes, furnished bathrooms and rooms, extraordinary views, timber flooring, contemporary cabinets, stylish kitchen and basic essentials provided in the RitzCarlton Residence in Kuala Lumpur as our treat to the people.

The sky lobby remains to be our biggest attractions and is a unique addition to the provision f luxurious services before you. The sky lobby is fitted with some of the most amazing renditions to enhance your comfortable experience with us.  With an open terrace, garden, tennis court, kids area, BBQ place, and various pools for an outdoor active living alongside a luxurious indoor, we are just the place to start your booking at for your ownership at レジデンス (Residence).

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