The main focus of the healthcare industry is employee satisfaction. Most healthcare providers move to great lengths to ensure that the services provided are to the best level possible. In order to better their services, most health care providers have adopted healthcare software in their functioning. Such software includes

  • The management software that seeks to help in the management of various clinical as well as management aspects of the healthcare practice.
  • The other one is the EMR or rather the Electronic Media Record. This one is basically an electronic record keeping softwareThis system can be used during scheduling, recording prescriptions and even billing.
  • The other software is the Electronic Health Records software. Like the EMR, this software keeps the patients’ health records. The difference between the two is that the EMR is intended for the specific company while the HER can be transferred and shared in case of referrals or health care transfers.

One very important factor that affects patient satisfaction is the employee engagement. The quality of interaction between healthcare employees and the patients plays a vital role in the patient satisfaction.

How does employee engagement influence patient satisfaction?

There is a direct connection between employee engagements and patient satisfaction. Patients record satisfaction when the employees make an effort to connect with them, create a happy and caring environment and have a caring and supportive relationship with the patients. Patients require to be made to feel like human beings and not just a means to a pay cheque. Health care institutions strive to achieve employee engagement in their practice. In order to do so, many have adopted some employee engagement strategies like;

·         The performance management software

This is a form of technology that allows the administration to monitor the performance of every single employee with reference to the institutions’ goals and initiatives. The software not only monitors but also provides the employees with regular feedback on their performance, what is lacking or what has been done perfectly throughout the year and not just annually. As much as this software does not implement the improvement, it is a tool that the management can use to see the progress and communicate with employees on their progress.

·         Coaching and team building 

The best way to encourage engagement of employees is by coaching them on the best ways of providing services to patients. The coaching should be categorized in terms of what to do and not do in different possible scenarios. All this should be aimed towards development of professionality while creating patient satisfaction.

Team building activities like exercises help promote a healthy relationship between the employees which eventually reflects in the quality of their work. A good relationship between workmates may cause them to confide in each other, advice each other and learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

In conclusion

As much as patient care is a priority in this industry, employee engagement is the key. With this in mind, many health care providers are working towards encouraging engagement which will be reflected in the patient reimbursement.

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