So, you have a lot on your mind that you want the world to know about. You have a blog of your own too. That’s great, but no one reads your blog no matter how much you try, right? It’s time to start searching for blogs that allow guest blog submissions.

You Googled but you can’t find any? Try this link. Did you find some? Excellent. Now you’re writing in their mailbox, but no one seems to answer. No one seems to care. Yes, getting that first guest post is a hack of a difficult task. That’s why you need to learn all about the art of writing guest post articles and also about the art of introducing yourself to blog owners.

The introduction

Introducing yourself to the blog’s owner where you’re about to make the submission is the first and most important step. If you pass this filter, everything else will seem easier. That’s why you need to practice writing introductions. Also, it’s highly important to analyze the owner and see what kind of style they like. Some like being upfront and some like a more conservative and serious approach. Depending on the type of articles they write, you’ll see what approach is best.

Remember that these people are getting guest post offers daily. They’ve seen it all and if you look like all the others your mail probably won’t even be opened. That’s why you need to be sure that you’ll stand out. A combination of showing your ideas of expertise in the field you’re both interested, and a unique approach is always the best. Also, be ready to be turned down and ignored a lot in the beginning. Don’t get this as something that will discourage you.

Writing a guest post

Once you get allowed to submit a guest post, it’s time to make a strategy what you want from this post. You need to choose what you’re going to build first. Friendship in the blogosphere, reach for an audience on your blog or make a name for yourself. All these require a different approach to the blog post you’re about to write.

Making friends

Making friends in the online world is very important when you own a blog. Having a strong background is very important as you’ll face many obstacles on the road to success. Whether it be hackers, trolls, or other. When writing for making friends, it’s wise to focus on the work of other people more than talking about your own thoughts. Talk in a positive manner for other people’s work, especially the person that gave you the chance on their blog. See a definition of a blogosphere here:

Reaching for audience

If you choose to take advantage of the situation and show people that you have a blog, then focus the words on highlighting your blog. Don’t forget to place a clear link and tell everyone that they can find more on the subject on your blog. More visitors mean more followers, and this eventually means growing your fan base which will lead to inevitable success one day.

Make a name for yourself

When you create your blog, it is completely anonymous. In the online universe of billions of websites, even Google can’t find its way. To become famous and known for your work, you must be visible on the most popular search engine. This will be done by having more backlinks to your site. Backlinks from famous and important pages are even more important, so it’s wise to have more if you want to be known out there.

Ask for professional help

A lot of blog owners in different areas of life are highly educated and experienced but seems like they have a hard time writing and managing the blogs. This is completely normal, you can’t be good at everything. Let’s say you’re a mechanic and you own a blog about cars. You can’t be a good mechanic, writer, and a marketing agent at the same time, right?

This is why there are many professional writers on the great wide web that will help you make amazing content. On top, they are skilled for everything that goes with it, SEO, backlinking, things you don’t even know existed. Just as probably they are not familiar with wrenches and when they are used.

A great guest post submission can be done by professionals like the ones at Yours is just to find the blog where you’ll be the guest author. If you have trouble doing this too, some websites offer this option also. Yours is just to run your own blog the best way you can.


Don’t expect to know everything. Be aware of your pros and cons. Ask for other people’s opinion about your writing and don’t be ashamed to look for professionals if you can’t do it on your own. If you think you’re good enough, follow the rules, and you’ll be fine.

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