CSS Media Queries – The Best Option for Mobile Web Design?

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As the complexities and needs for a high performance mobile internet continually intensifies, web developers and web designers are looking at new ways to ensure optimum functioning for mobile web sites. One of those scripting tools is CSS media queries. But is its use in the portable world as useful as many are making out? Please read this tips from our reference LinkHelpers Phoenix Web Design Company.

Unfortunately it seems the whole philosophy of using this method appears to be questionable from the outset. In order to use CSS media queries you will be using more code where the site will be seen on a smaller screen, powered by a less powerful CPU than a PC, and necessarily, has a slower network.

So in effect you are giving a smaller less powerful device more to download and therefore slowing everything down! Performance is perhaps more important on the mobile phone than a desktop. i.e. you are more likely to be urgently looking for business information, wanting to connect to a social network or your emails within a short period of time.

Visible Content

It is also apparent that even though you can take away the “visible content” that may streamline a web site design for the mobile, CSS queries do not dispense of the original HTML and Javascript coding used to set it up. Therefore unnecessary coding is being downloaded to the page.

There is also the images issue with CSS queries. The problem is with a technique called Fluid Images. Developers can input the scripting so the browser actually resizes the full image. Downloading this size of an original image file on to a mobile phone can even be a lot for a top of the range iPhone or Blackberry to deal with. Older mobile versions or less able phones may well struggle.

The other most powerful aspect to take into consideration is that CSS queries are not even supported by many mobile browsers. It is inconsistent at best. Presumably the goal of re-structuring a web site for good performance on mobile devices is to reach a greater and more expansive audience. By using CSS queries you are in effect only reaching a select proportion of the mobile audience.…

The Changing Times of Accounting and the Software that Helps Companies Change with It

Technology is changing the way everything works, and the world of accounting is no different. Top-level accounting software is automatic tasks physical accounts used to be burdened with. In the wake of such tedious work being taken off their shoulders, modern-day accountants are slowly becoming advisors. This is because software allows the interpretation of data to be more accurate, and accountants have a better understanding of it than ever before. This is great as it increases the value of using an accountant, it also means to survive in the market every accounting business needs software. If you are one such business here are some thing to look for when choosing proper accounting software.

Basic vs. Extra

A great deal of accounting software comes with extra features. Such features are great with the benefit they provide, but they also make the software more expensive. So, the first question to ask is what you need said software to accomplish. Do you need the program for accounts receivable or accounts payable? What kind of reports does you company generate that the software would need to be applicable for? Do you need it for inventory tracking, payroll, or post-production accounting? All of these questions are important because you do not to pay extra for services you will not use. Another thing to look at is who will have access to the software, and how many users said software allows. All of these decisions will ultimately effect cost. Remember, the job of this technology is to make life easier. So, the software you choose should take care of headaches not cause them.

Pay Attention to Innovation

Cloud-based software is a little more affordable because it is used through a third party. This means that businesses pay monthly installments. It also means information is always in the either, which makes it more vulnerable. Cloud-based accounting allows for business to be conducted anywhere, granting companies and their workers full accessibility. Desktop software is downloaded onto physical hardware. This provides more security but grounds the data to one spot. This takes away accessibility. If your business firm deals exclusively with a handful of companies you may not need superior accessibility, but if you work with multiple clients from all over, then accessibility is needed.

This is why innovation needs some focus when choosing available software. Do not just ask what the software will help you with, ask what the software will also enable you to do. If the software benefits your business, then choosing extra features can open said business to even more success. Cloud-computing increases reach, and social media tools boost presence. This means stronger marketing for more clients you can afford to serve.

Remember, accounting software is changing the game. This means it may be time for your company to change as well. Using good accounting software does not just level the playing field, it increases its span. So, do not just look at software from a practical sense. Look at it from an …

The Perfect Event Requires Perfect Event Planning

Choosing the right event management team is essential to pulling off a successful event. You need a team that is knowledgeable and experienced in your event category. If you are planning an engagement party, business meeting, conference, sporting event or any other, if your planner is not well informed, critical pieces of information can be left out of your event. Imagine an engagement party without flowers, a real estate conference without staging, or a sporting event without the team’s history. A successful event manager will have a list of ideas to choose from that will set the theme and execute it flawlessly.

If you’re planning your first event, do your research on ideas for the event, theme, food, catering, table setup, speakers, and microphones. There is a whole list of things that go into an event, and you want to be sure that you don’t miss essential elements. An internet search for the type of event you’re planning can give you ideas on how your event should be executed. You can contact DoubleDutch for additional how-to information. Also ask for help from friends, family, or coworkers. Planning a successful event will require all hands-on deck, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Consulting professional event managers  will relieve a lot of the burden of planning the perfect event.

How to Pick an Event Planner:

  • Do an internet search for planners in your area.
  • Make an appointment to discuss your event with the planner.
  • Ask for a planning budget.
  • Make a list of guests, meal plans, decorations, party favors.
  • Ask for recommendations from people you know.

The most important part of your event planning is your budget. You need to know how much your event will cost and how much you have to spend on the event. You also should know if you have any reserves in case you go over or to cover unexpected situations that often come up during events. It would be a good idea to set aside 20-30% of your budget for a prudent reserve. Planning events under budget is a great way to have a stress-free, successful event. If your budget is being funded by investors, be sure to get their input. Ask for their ideas and what they would like to see at the event. It will go very well to include investors ideas; make those ideas visible, so they will be inclined to help again in the future, or if something goes wrong with the event. Be sure that your event manager knows how important it is to include some key ideas from your investors and people featured in the event.

An experienced event planner will guide you step-by-step in the planning and execution of your event. They should supply you with a budget, contract, any costs or fees up front. You should not be hit with any hidden costs. Also ask about insurance for the event location and any equipment or props. You don’t want to have a successful event, then …

Exciting Ways of Finding the Most Effective Mileage Tracking App That Works

Unlike a few decades ago when mileage tracking was a big deal, the advent of tracking technology has made automatic mileage tracking devoid of frequent manual entries a reality. Nevertheless, mileage tracking apps aren’t built exactly the same. Some apps are quite advanced, while other mileage tracking apps are nothing but ineffective apps. Again, what one mileage tracking app offers is completely different from what another app is offering. Irrespective of this harsh reality, getting a mileage tracking app that works best for your mileage tracking needs is rather simple, especially for someone who properly understands what to check for in a mileage tracking app. Below are tips to guide you during your search for a mileage tracking app that works.

Research the app

As mentioned, mileage tracking apps are totally different from each other in terms of their tracking capabilities and their ease of use. Prior to installing a mileage tracking app in your Smartphone, research it in advance. Click the app’s visit here section to view what it has to offer. Research its creator and further read reviews from drivers who have been using the mileage tracking app.


Like literally all apps, mileage tracking apps also have different features. The features you get with one app aren’t the same features you get with another mileage tracking app. In fact, most recent mileage tracking apps have world-class features; while apps that were designed a couple of years ago have limited features. Irrespective of the mileage tracking app you select, some key features should never lack in a suitable mileage tracking app. For example, a built-in GPS system helps give the exact location you are driving. Mileage reports feature is also extremely vital in a mileage tracking app, since it enables you to get mileage reports with every driving session.


Not all mileage apps are compatible with a wide array of smartphones and other devices. Some apps are strictly designed for Android users. Nevertheless, some mileage tracking apps are built with compatibility in mind. As such, ensure the mileage app you choose is compatible with the device or devices of your choice. That’s the surest way to be confident that the app you pick can suit all your mileage tracking needs. The best mileage tracking app should be compatible with nearly all devices, to ensure that everyone can use them irrespective of the device they are using.


The cost of purchasing a mileage tracking app is definitely a crucial factor you can’t afford to ignore while picking a mileage tracking app. Though the expensively priced apps are awesome, it doesn’t mean all high-end mileage tracking apps are the best. You still can get a mileage tracking app at a very reasonable budget. Do thorough researches to learn the cost of the mileage tracking app you want to install. Also, consider all the expenses involved in maintaining the app itself.


A mileage tracking app will make your mileage tracking easier than it would be if you were …

Secure Data with Reliable Document Management Technologies

If you are into business, you understand how distressing and painful it is to lose important documents. If you are a student or a lecturer, you know how it feels to lose a project that you intended to present, and you cannot retrieve it for use. If you have experienced such challenges, you know why data or document management is important.

Storing your documents in a centralized place is a smart idea that you will never remorse. Document storage is not a new thing in the world. The traditional ways of storing data are fading away these days thanks to the advent of advanced technologies. These traditional document management strategies were insecure, full of human errors, wrongly formatted and it was easy to misplace documents.

Today, use of document management systems is the in-thing and almost every organization is embracing these approaches. One approach of collecting, preserving, storing and disseminating data is document repository. Document repository software is a key component of document management procedure that many organizations are embracing these days.

In many organizations, a document repository is usually a place to securely store and share files with the respective management. There are many benefits that data repository software guarantee business owners. Check them out:

Reduce the amount of space needed for data storage

When you use this software, you will shun data redundancy and failing devices problems. You will not need to store files on desktops or disks. With this software, you take advantage of a single virtual document repository that is shared between your company’s resources. This means, data cannot be duplicated across different unauthorized parties. This also means data retrieval is reliable and faster.

Enjoy simplified data backup

With a data repository software, it becomes easy to perform daily data backups. This means for excellent compliance in case of downtime or electrical disturbances, you will have your paramount data duplicated in secure places.

Secure most sensitive documents

It is painful to lose your intellectual property via a leaked email or if your systems get hacked. Cybercrime is real and you should embrace the best document management software to secure your data. If you store your data in the document repository, you will be able to control and customize access to such information. A document repository is much secure than local drives or disks as it comes with a password and authentication feature. Hence only authorized individuals can access the data.

Reduce any human error

In today’s competitive world, there is no room for making errors. The data repository software comes with check-in and check-out processes features that prevent unauthorized access to saved data.

Centralize and manage all types of data

This data repository software will automatically save incoming and outgoing information. You can save all kinds of documents in your repository. For instance; your emails, PDF files, Microsoft Office files, data from external databases, graphics and CAD files and many other kinds of data.

In conclusion, it does not matter whether you are in law, accounting, …

Impact of Employee Engagement on Patient Satisfaction

The main focus of the healthcare industry is employee satisfaction. Most healthcare providers move to great lengths to ensure that the services provided are to the best level possible. In order to better their services, most health care providers have adopted healthcare software in their functioning. Such software includes

  • The management software that seeks to help in the management of various clinical as well as management aspects of the healthcare practice.
  • The other one is the EMR or rather the Electronic Media Record. This one is basically an electronic record keeping softwareThis system can be used during scheduling, recording prescriptions and even billing.
  • The other software is the Electronic Health Records software. Like the EMR, this software keeps the patients’ health records. The difference between the two is that the EMR is intended for the specific company while the HER can be transferred and shared in case of referrals or health care transfers.

One very important factor that affects patient satisfaction is the employee engagement. The quality of interaction between healthcare employees and the patients plays a vital role in the patient satisfaction.

How does employee engagement influence patient satisfaction?

There is a direct connection between employee engagements and patient satisfaction. Patients record satisfaction when the employees make an effort to connect with them, create a happy and caring environment and have a caring and supportive relationship with the patients. Patients require to be made to feel like human beings and not just a means to a pay cheque. Health care institutions strive to achieve employee engagement in their practice. In order to do so, many have adopted some employee engagement strategies like;

·         The performance management software

This is a form of technology that allows the administration to monitor the performance of every single employee with reference to the institutions’ goals and initiatives. The software not only monitors but also provides the employees with regular feedback on their performance, what is lacking or what has been done perfectly throughout the year and not just annually. As much as this software does not implement the improvement, it is a tool that the management can use to see the progress and communicate with employees on their progress.

·         Coaching and team building 

The best way to encourage engagement of employees is by coaching them on the best ways of providing services to patients. The coaching should be categorized in terms of what to do and not do in different possible scenarios. All this should be aimed towards development of professionality while creating patient satisfaction.

Team building activities like exercises help promote a healthy relationship between the employees which eventually reflects in the quality of their work. A good relationship between workmates may cause them to confide in each other, advice each other and learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

In conclusion

As much as patient care is a priority in this industry, employee engagement is the key. With this in mind, many health care providers are …

Reducing Costs and Maintaining Assets

Inventory management software has many positives of use with high-end companies. However, there are many smaller companies now starting to understand the value that this software can bring to a business. One example of the benefits of having inventory management software is it helps maintain assets and cut down on overhead costs. Look below to find out more about the cost-saving abilities and the maintenance of assets that inventory management software can do.

Explanation of Inventory Management Software

While some understand the depths of inventory management software, there are still many that do not fully understand the value. Therefore, to put it in laments terms, inventory management software is a program built for quality and convenience for businesses. It can help with tracking orders, maintain inventory, showing statistics on sales and overhead, and much more. Essentially is a program to maintain all the small detail of the business into one easy to use the program. In addition, to top that off it can help a business succeed in many ways.

Cost Saving Benefits of Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is growing tremendously over the past years because of its ability to help businesses with growth and savings. One of the best features that inventory management software can do for a business is to help reduce overhead. The programs help organize all of the businesses data that used to be recorded by pen and paper. By having this ability within a program, it can help businesses obtain the past and current history of orders, inventory, sales, all within a few clicks. It then allows the user to see the statistics on the increase or decrease in that specific area that could use help in order to allow the business to succeed. Because it shows these details, businesses are able to maintain their overhead with ease and allow budgeting to take place where and when if it is needed. Therefore, having inventory management software used in a business it can save money and time in areas that might have been overseen with a record of pen and paper.

Maintenance of Assets with Inventory Management Software

Since inventory management software can help reduce overhead, and save money, it can also help a business owner maintain all the assets and inventory to a level that far exceeds expectation. The business owner can look at stocks and capital to see if there needs improvement or maintenance. It can keep a record of where the sales were and when to obtain more, therefore, it can help grow the company with a few data details that are essential for a functioning business. For more information on additional benefits that inventory management and cost reducing features look at a site like https://www.eturns.com/industries/mro-inventory-management-software.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having inventory management software a part of your business is a beneficial feature and a real-time tool to grow a business. There are many data organizational tools on the market, but the inventory management software has superseded its competition. …

What Digital Skills Leading Digital Marketing Agencies are Looking for When Hiring

If you are a creative and analytical type of person, you might want to pursue a career in internet marketing, or if you are on that path and you are looking to pivot, we have some soft and hard skills you might want to learn to get you moving forward.

Problem-solving skills

People with creative problem-solving skills will thrive in this business because we all know that there are always new things that will pop-up. It’s like, you are learning specific software today, and the next day you will be helping the creative team develop a new digital marketing campaign. If you like being curious and know a lot about social media and creating content as well as you support your actions with raw data, you will be very successful being a digital marketing consultant.

Teamwork and communication

Most people who succeed in this business, active team managers and employees, don’t necessarily have the best set of skills. But because they can work well with their co-workers, even though they have different backgrounds, they became effective in what they do. Communication and coordination are essential, especially when your team is working on significant projects. Being a “jack-of-all-trades, master of none” type of person is very helpful when communicating with your co-employees.  You have to make sure you communicate clear and consistent, whether you are on the top of the corporate ladder or at the bottom of the totem pole.  In the marketing world, no one works alone. Everyone needs help even if you’re doing freelance work.  Working on your teamwork will be beneficial not only to you but also to the people around you.


Digital marketing is a unique field with little opportunity to learn, but at the same time, you also need to learn for you to grow. The good news is, in today’s world where you can find almost everything on the internet, even learning materials, it is very easy to develop digital marketing skills. You can do research, online courses, do side jobs, or doing volunteer work. There are many ways to learn marketing skills. But, just like any profession, you should be willing to continue learning. There are things that you don’t know. You need to teach yourself new skills to keep up with the fast-changing digital world.

Social media marketing

Social media advertising is one of the fast-rising areas in digital marketing. This trend is not going to go away anytime soon; in fact, it will just keep on improving as time goes by. If we’re talking about social media advertising, we’re not just talking about Facebook or Twitter campaigns. Most companies are looking for people who have tons of experience in effective ad campaigns. They will also look for people who know about paid social media marketing.  Because of the complexity of social media, it is not enough to like a page to market it. You need to be creative and innovative when doing an ad campaign for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube …

Improving Your online shop using Best Shopify Theme

Increasing the way your shop selling product to your customer in the best way possible

There are numerous approaches to improve your business, you can essentially improve your products or you can improve the marketing arrangement for your business. the most critical and the latest marketing system are through internet or website. A comprehensive internet marketing technique utilizing website can dispatch or expand deals essentially for your business. On the other hand, you will need knowledge about website, site design improvement and some more. For a great design of website, you might need to check best shopify theme. To draw in client you will need to design an awesome website that will oblige any objective of your website, for example, giving data about your products, giving simplest approach to purchase your products and give professional approaches to give after deals administrations. Accordingly, today I will give you a step by step guide on the best way to create online shop properly for your business website and also prepare the payment method for your online shop.

The first step is finding your website design. You can design your own website in the event that you have capacity to do web coding and design. In any case, with no knowledge about website coding and design, you can fabricate a simple site or you can utilize a pre made website layout. A pre made website layout can be found on the internet with the expectation of complimentary or you have to purchase them. This pre made website is anything but difficult to utilize and you should do nothing more than alter the content and personalize them. On the other hand, on the off chance that you need to guarantee that you are getting the most professional website and runs incredible, you may need to hire a website designer. Website designer will cost you money; however you will be able to trust them about design stuff on your website.

The next step is setting the payment for your online shop. There are several ways to accept payment for your online shop. You can simply receive bank transfer or you can set payment method using credit card. To set your online shop payment method using credit card you will need to visit best shopify theme.

In any case, in the event that you need to ensure that you are getting the best traffic, then you can purchase website traffic from specific services company that will help your traffic easily. Along these lines, you will have the capacity to expand your website positioning on the search engine result and make your potential client finding you quick.

The accompanying stride is picking up a plan for website ground. You may need to learn and secure information about website creation from Schema.org. Thusly, you will have the capacity to enhance the way you chip away at your website and make all parts of your website valuable and convincing. Review your financial plan, time and your imperativeness to …

Top 5 Greatest WiFi Booster Apps 2017

best wifi booster Wireless (WiFi) range extender, often called wi-fi repeater or wifi booster makes strengthen the wireless signal. Google combines its 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands right into a single band, which means you possibly can’t designate a device to a single band, however on the upside, it uses beamforming technology, which mechanically routes units to the strongest signal.

If your router helps Multi-User A number of entering Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) information streaming, which supplies enhanced performance by sending data to suitable clients simultaneously somewhat than sequentially, search for an extender that helps this expertise if you wish to lengthen your MU-MIMO network.

Additionally, you in all probability don’t need to spend greater than $one hundred on a Wi-Fi extender, because you may get an extra router or wired connection for the same worth or less. If your private home is too large for your router, there are a few things to consider before diving into the world of Wi-Fi extenders.

Other extenders skirt this downside by broadcasting and connecting with totally different bands. Attributable to their measurement, plug-in extenders usually only have a single LAN port and lack USB connectivity, making them less versatile but extra inexpensive than desktop extenders.

Extenders can even offer advanced router-like features reminiscent of guest networking, access scheduling, and media server capabilities. Bottom Line: The Linksys RE7000 Max-Stream AC1900+ Wi-Fi Vary Extender is easy to put in and supports MU-MIMO streaming. There are two kinds of vary extenders; desktop and plug-in.