The simple answer to the question in the title of this article is a resounding ‘yes’. VPNs are the best way to connect to another computer that will surf the internet on your behalf. That means any websites you visit will not be traced back to your device. Not only can you hide the websites you are visiting from your service provider or the internet router owner, also the VPN connection you use will be fully encrypted within a VPN tunnel.

One of the main reasons people use a VPN when it comes to security is because they do not want anyone else with access to the internet router, they are using to see which device is connecting to which websites.

Maybe you are at work and you use your work WiFi router to search for jobs at another company while you are on your break. You might fear the IT team might see that there is someone looking at jobs websites continuously and they may tell your boss. This could be just a harmless browse to see if you are being paid a competitive rate, but your boss may see it is a disloyal intention to switch jobs.

Some companies might ban social media websites. A VPN will allow you to bypass that restriction, so you can get onto your Instagram account and see pictures of your friend’s holiday.

Other reasons you may want to hide the websites you are visiting could be very personal to you. Like watching illegal sports or movie streaming websites or downloading torrents. There are limitless reasons to why VPNs are useful when it comes to your own privacy.

Just to prove how safe they are, you only need to look at people that use a les meilleurs vpn server. In a country where Google and Facebook are banned, plenty of people are still using Social Media there without any repercussions because VPNs are so secure even the Chinese government cannot hack them.  

So Why Are VPNs Considered So Secure and Safe?

Now we have covered a few reasons as to why people use VPNs, we have not yet answered the question in the title.

VPNs are secure because they hide the IP address of the device you are using. Instead you will be using the IP address of a network card on the VPN server. That means when you connect to a website, it is not your IP address being flagged as activating the connection.

Your device’s IP address is effectively hidden. Anyone that tries to trace the connection back will hit the VPN server which is registered to a company and not a single person. It is a dead end for the person trying to trace the actual user behind the commands.

Secondly, every time you fire up your VPN software, it kickstarts what is known as an encrypted VPN tunnel. To understand this, you have to think of your internet traffic as cars on an open road, then there is a tunnel going under a river.

The water the tunnel passes through is the rest of the internet. Occasionally a rock is picked up in the current of the river and smashes against the tunnel but has no effect on the tunnel’s structure. That rock could be someone trying to penetrate your VPN tunnel. Yet, thanks to the encryption nothing can get through.

In effect, your internet traffic is now being passed up and down an impenetrable VPN tunnel. Now imagine you hit a stone with your car while inside the tunnel, that stone hits the tunnel wall and bounces back to the floor with all the other traffic. This an example of data trying to get out of the VPN tunnel, but as with the rock trying to get in, the stone cannot get out keeping your data securely locked inside the tunnel.

This is exactly why VPNs are so popular. If you are ever worried about the safety of connecting to a public network, then you can use a VPN so any traffic that leaves or comes into your computer is firstly kept private because you are not using your own IP address, and secondly, the data within that the VPN is not leaked outside into the public network thus you are fully protected!

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